No Stone Unturned

  • No Stone Unturned

NO STONE UNTURNED is a murder mystery that reveals the kind of secrets governments keep. In 1994, six people were gunned down as they watched the World Cup in a small pub in a village in Northern Ireland. Decades later, family members looking for answers discover a cover-up.

Ireland’s victory over Italy at the World Cup in New Jersey in 1994 remains a source of Irish pride. But it is haunted by memories of a massacre: terrorists opened fire and killed six innocents while they watched the match in a small village pub in Northern Ireland. Remarkably, no one was ever charged for the crime. For more than twenty years the victims’ families have searched for answers. Now, at last, they may have found them. But what they learn turns a murder mystery into a bigger inquiry relevant for us all: what happens when governments cover up the truth?

No Stone Unturned Trailer

Release Year: 2017
Duration: 111 Minutes
Director: Alex Gibney

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