Short Film Competition Screening

  • Short Film Competition Screening

The winners of the first Irish Film Festival Short Film Competition will be announced at the screening at 2.30pm on Saturday, April 21st.

The finalists are:


by George Hooker

Marky's Bad Week
by Daniel Holmwood

The Weather Report
by Paul Murphy

You're Not a Man At All
by Padraig Conaty

The Reek
by Jamie Goldrick

Australia and Rest of the World

Forever Entwined In Your Everlasting Gaze
by Mark Nangle

Sydney Queer Irish March to Mardi Gras
by Cee Cee Raff

John O'Neill
by Liam McMahon

Dying Art
by Brendan Kelly

They Make You Grow A Beard
by Anthony Francis

Release Year: 2018
Duration: 90 Minutes
Director: Various

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